Chris Robertson


My background of 20 years of military experience gives me the leadership skills needed to represent Plano as a member of City Council.


"As your representative, I will make sure our community has a voice in government. I will identify priorities to implement changes for what matters most to the community."

I am an experienced leader with more than 20 years of active military service. As an officer and platoon leader in the Army deployed to Afghanistan, I was in charge of base security and subsequently responsible for the safety and security of more than 500 Soldiers and local Afghan nationals. I was also responsible for managing 18 million dollars of taxpayer funded government property without incident of fraud, waste, or abuse.

These skills are absolutely critical when dealing with city budgets, managing infrastructure, and prioritizing issues according to importance. My time as an Army officer has undoubtedly prepared me to serve you on Plano City Council, and I will do so putting your needs above mine.

I am the husband to a wonderful woman, Larci, who is my rock and confidant and who I have just celebrated 20 years of marriage with. We have two beautiful children, Hannah and Braden. I am currently a middle school social studies teacher.


Law and Order

I want to ensure that my children and yours are safe and protected, so I will work to provide first responders with the equipment and resources they need to keep Plano families safe.


As a combat veteran myself, I understand the sacrifices made in defense of our nation. I will aggressively work to promote opportunities for success outside of the military and to eliminate obstacles faced in accessing resources they have earned and deserve.

Quality of Life

My family and I love calling Plano home. We were initially attracted to the suburban lifestyle and strong sense of local community. The values that make Plano unique are what we must work together to preserve and protect.

Accountability and Transparency

Transparency and accountability, are two traits that I live by and that I will bring to the City Council. The citizens of Plano need to be able to have trust in their representatives. I promise to remain accessible and keep the community informed on all government actions.

Economic Development

I will advocate for policies that maintain our suburban way of life, improve our standard of living and strengthen our community by creating and retaining jobs

Low Taxes

Government spending is out of control at all levels. I will fight to eliminate wasteful spending, reduce the tax burdens on our citizens and champion good stewardship of city resources.